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About Us

Profly Cinema is a provider of high-end drone solutions tailored specifically for the film, media, and television industry. Established by world class pilots, Ben Mortensen and Rudi Browning, the company brings together a unique combination of expertise and creativity to each project. Their exceptional piloting abilities and extensive film experience have rapidly earned them a reputation for delivering outstanding results.

Profly Cinema offers a comprehensive range of drone services, featuring state-of-the-art platforms such as the Inspire 3, Cinema FPV, Gimbal FPV, and GoPro FPV to list a few. Moreover, Profly Cinema holds various special exemptions granted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), enabling our pilots to legally operate FPV drones, conduct Extended Visual Line of Sight operations, and fly in Close Proximity to talent.

Profly Cinema understands that creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere on set is just as important as capturing captivating footage. Our pilots prioritize both, guaranteeing exceptional results while fostering a fun and collaborative environment for everyone involved. 

Our Team

Profly Cinema is headlined by three of Australia's most talented drone pilots. Ben, Rudi and Thomas were part of Australia's most successful drone racing team which won the FAI World Championship in 2018. They have now built on that foundation of teamwork to bring their dynamic piloting skills to the film industry. 

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